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20 Acne Medication Reviews and 30 Acne Treatment Reviews

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Most of the acne scar treatments are basic scar creams or stretch mark creams trying to pose as an acne scar treatment.

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Acne Scars Free Detoxifying Cleanser

Exposed Skin Care

Zenmed System

Dermagist Acne

Proactiv System

Skin ID Neutrogena


Exposed Skin Care

Zenmed System

Dermagist Acne

Dermagist Scar Cream

SkinID Neutrogena

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Exposed Skin Care Dermagist Acne Treatment Zenmed Acne System Proactiv System SkinID Neutrogena

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Acnezine™ Reviews

Where to Buy Acnezine™?

How Does Acnezine™ Work?

Acnezine™ User Reviews (Side Effects)

Is Acnezine™ Safe for Pregnant Women?

Acnezine™ Acne Treatment is an anti-acne formulation that has been geared to provide relief for all skin types. Acnezine™ is made up of FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved ingredients so customers wouldn’t have to worry about substandard chemical components that may have harmful effects to the body.


ClearPores™ Reviews

Where to Buy ClearPores™?

How Does ClearPores™ Work?

ClearPores™ User Reviews (Side Effects)     

ClearPores™ Skin Cleansing System makes use of oral treatment, facial cleansing and a medicated cream to perform the anti-bacterial action. The combination of treatments attack anaerobic bacteria in different ways, to arrive at a cleaner, healthier skin without pimples and other painful symptoms of acne.


Proactiv® Reviews

Where to Buy Proactiv®?

Does Proactiv® Really Work?

Proactiv® Side Effects

Proactiv® User Reviews     

Proactiv® Solution is one of America’s hottest selling anti-acne treatments. Clear skin is Proactiv’s main claim. Proactiv’s clientele is composed of individuals mostly in their late twenties or early thirties. Proactiv® has been rigorously developed by dermatologists to remedy even the most severe cases of acne.


Vilantae Reviews

Where to Buy Vilantae?

How Does Vilantae Work?

Compare Vilantae With Other Products

Vilantae User Reviews (Side Effects)

Vilantae is one of the popular brands on acne treatment. It is produced by Evolution X and it is distributed by various websites. Vilantae is an effective acne treatment regimen that aims to prevent acne prior to a complete breakout. It comes in the form of a capsule which can be taken not just by adults, but by teenagers as well.


Acne Free in 3 Days™ Reviews

Where to Buy Acne Free In 3 Days™?

Does Acne Free In 3 Days™ Really Work?

Is Acne Free In 3 Days™ a Scam? (Reader Feedbacks)     

Gibson’s “Acne Free in 3 Days™”, distributed by Universal Marketing Media Inc., is brief with clearly laid-out information. You won’t need to spend a lot of your time reading and sifting through irrelevant information. You can instead immediately start using the application to produce clearer skin.


MetroGel® Reviews

Where to Buy MetroGel®?

MetroGel’s Ingredients

Does MetroGel® Really Work?

MetroGel® User Reviews (Side Effects)

MetroGel® 1% is a once daily acne rosacea treatment with more of its active ingredient, metronidazole, than its previous formulations. Metronidazole is an antibiotic used in the treatment of bacterial and other protozoan-caused infections. MetroGel® 1% is the leading topical antibiotic treatment for acne rosacea therapy and care.


Acnexus Reviews

Where to Buy Acnexus?

Does Acnexus Really Work?

Acnexus User Reviews (Side Effects)     

Acnexus is a cream to treat acne that you apply to your face twice a day. You rub the infected area with it for 30 seconds, rinse it off and pat your face dry - that’s it. Acnexus boasts of its 27 all-natural acne-fighting ingredients without the chemicals that worsen acne like mineral oils, harmful alcohol, parabens and harmful soaps.


Clearogen Reviews

Where to Buy Clearogen™?

Does Clearogen™ Really Work?

Clearogen™ User Reviews (Side Effects)

Clearogen™ is backed by years of research and scientific data instead of media hype and celebrity endorsements. The Clearogen™ treatment set is made up of three separate products formulated to work together to eliminate and prevent acne from recurring. The complete set includes one foaming cleanser, one clarifying toner and one acne lotion.


TriClear® Reviews

Where to Buy TriClear®?

Does TriClear® Really Work?

TriClear® User Reviews (Is TriClear® a Scam?)

TriClear® is a 3-step acne solution formulated by Dr. Brian Keller. It has been clinically tested to be effective in the fight against acne. The complete TriClear® 3-step acne solution includes a Purifying Cleanser, a Repairing Gel, and a Revitalizing Cream that work synergistically to treat, heal and prevent acne.

12. MURAD®

Murad® Reviews

Where to Buy Murad®?

Does Murad® Really Work?

Murad® User Reviews (Side Effects)

Murad® Acne Complex is a 3-step skin care system which includes the following: 1) Clarifying Cleanser- contains salicylic acid, green tea extract and menthol; 2) Exfoliating Acne Treatment Gel- contains retinol and glycolic acid; 3) Skin Perfecting Lotion- contains retinol, queen of meadow extract and arnica.


SkinID™ Reviews

Where to Buy SkinID™?

Does SkinID™ Really Work?

SkinID™ User Reviews (Side Effects)     

SkinID™ acne treatment can be personalized according to one’s particular needs regardless if you’re a teenager or an adult. To accomplish this, you will have to first accomplish an online survey of about 20 questions to analyze your skin condition. After the SkinID™ evaluation, the web site will recommend the appropriate products.


Therapeutix® Reviews

Therapeutix’s Ingredients

How Does Therapeutix® Work?

Therapeutix® User Reviews (Side Effects)

Therapeutix® acne treatment was formulated by renowned Beverly Hills acne specialist Dr. Debra Luftman. Therapeutix® acne treatment promises to: 1) Clear up 50% of all acne breakouts in just weeks; 2) Improve acne condition within just two hours of use; 3) Not to dry out or irritate your skin since there are no harsh ingredients; and more.

15. ZENO™

Zeno Reviews

Where to Buy Zeno™?

Does Zeno™ Really Work?

Zeno™ User Reviews (Side Effects)

Zeno™ is a cell phone-sized electronic medical device that transfers heat to a pimple up to 120 degrees. This kills the bacteria and cause heat-shock protein to rush in. These proteins aid in eliminating the bacteria and reduce inflammation in the affected area. The heat is regulated by removable treatment tips that must be replaced regularly.


ThermaClear® Reviews

Where to Buy ThermaClear®?

How Does ThermaClear® Work?

Does ThermaClear® Really Work?

ThermaClear® User Reviews (Side Effects)

ThermaClear® is a portable electronic acne treatment unit that works by releasing a short, highly focused beam of heat. An FDA treatment study revealed that this “thermal pulse” penetrates the skin layer to destroy bacteria underneath and clears up acne pimples 2 to 4 times faster than those that are left untreated.


Accutane® Reviews

Where to Buy Accutane®?

Does Accutane® Really Work?

Accutane® Side Effects (User Reviews)

Accutane®, marketed by Roche, is one of the most well known drugs for acne - one of the most pervasive problems known to teenagers and adults alike. The skin ailment, which affects adolescents, teenagers as well as adults past the age of thirty, is the effect of built-up oil, grime and other skin irritants.


Differin® Reviews

Where to Buy Differin®?

How Does Differin® Work?

Differin Side Effects (User Reviews)

Differin® (this product’s base ingredient is adapalene) is an anti-acne remedy that promises to clear pimples and similar blemishes from the skin after application. According to the website, all the active ingredients integrated into the different Differin® products are effective in combating all the causes of pimples and acne.


Acjuva Reviews

Where to Buy Acjuva?

How Does Acjuva Work?

Does Acjuva Really Work?

Acjuva is an acne treatment system that makes use of three products. The complete Acjuva package contains an Acne Cleanser (8 oz), a Renewing Toner (8 oz) and a Repairing Lotion (4 oz). With these three separate products, the Acjuva system promises to provide a well-balanced approach to wiping out acne.


PanOxyl® Reviews

PanOxyl’s Ingredients

Where to Buy PanOxyl®?

Does PanOxyl® Really Work?

PanOxyl® User Reviews (Side Effects)

PanOxyl® Bar 10 contains 10% concentration of Benzoyl peroxide, an ingredient that has been very well-proven in the acne circle as one of the leading factors in clearing up skin blemishes and blocking future breakouts. The PanOxyl® Bar 10% also inhibits the occurrence of blackheads and oily skin associated with adolescence.


AcnEase® Reviews

AcnEase’s Ingredients

Does AcnEase® Really Work?

AcnEase® User Reviews (Side Effects)

AcnEase® is an oral, anti-acne system that makes use of herbs and other botanical ingredients to fight off the most common skin scourge among teenagers. The company website claims that none of its active, herb-based ingredients are present in the list of “dangerous chemicals” produced by the likes of the US FDA.


OxyCerin™ Reviews

OxyCerin’s Ingredients

Where to Buy OxyCerin™?

Does OxyCerin™ Really Work?

OxyCerin™ User Reviews (Side Effects)

OxyCerin™ is the first acne treatment serum to use clinically proven 5% tea tree oil to eliminate acne fast without any harmful side effects. OxyCerin™ has made amazing breakthroughs in the field of acne treatment. It penetrates the skin and deep into the pores to destroy the microorganisms and toxins that cause acne.


Acnetix™ Reviews

Where to Buy Acnetix™?

Acnetix™ User Reviews (Side Effects)

Acnetix™ is a topical treatment for acne and clogged pores. Manufactured without paraben and Benzoyl peroxide, Acnetix™ is very similar to other organic-based acne cures because it capitalizes on herbal ingredients rather than pure synthetic chemicals. The claim of Acnetix™ is unique in the way it phrases the history of the product.

24. RETIN-A®

Retin-A® Reviews

How Does Retin-A® Work?

Does Retin-A® Really Work?

Retin-A® User Reviews (Side Effects)

Retin-A® is a brand of topical preparation based on the generic drug tretinoin. Retin-A® is commonly used to treat acne, pimples, skin discoloration, and skin damage due to over exposure to the sun. This topical gel is also rich in antioxidants and hence it can be effective in battling the external signs of aging.


Eczana™ Reviews

Where to Buy Eczana™?

Does Eczana™ Really Work?

Eczana™ User Reviews (Side Effects)

Eczana™, distributed by NeuLife Laboratories, is a topical medication that can be used to combat acne or acne vulgaris. It is supposedly an all-natural approach to the problem of acne. Tied with the concept of “all-natural” is complete avoidance of strictly synthetic chemicals that may pose harm to sensitive, acne-ridden human skin.


Actimine Reviews

How Does Actimine Work?

Does Actimine Really Work?

Actimine User Reviews (Side Effects)

Actimine is an herbal supplement that aims to correct the various chemical imbalances in the body that contribute to the appearance of acne. According to the company website, the product is suitable for all ages, and it can clear acne present throughout the body. As you may already know, acne can appear on the neck, at the back or on the chest.


NeoStrata® Reviews

Where to Buy NeoStrata®?

Does NeoStrata® Really Work?

NeoStrata® User Reviews (Side Effects)

The NeoStrata® Company was established by Dr. Van Scott of New York and Dr. Yu of Taiwan in 1988 and is a groundbreaker in the development and advancement of alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) in skin rejuvenation commodities. AHA’s help improve a number of skin conditions, including oily skin, acne, hyperkeratosis and psoriasis.


Tazorac® Reviews

Where to Buy Tazorac®?

How Does Tazorac® Work?

Tazorac® User Reviews (Side Effects)

Tazorac® is a pro-drug comes in two strengths – 0.05% and 0.1%. The 0.05% strength is recommended for the treatment of acne vulgaris and psoriasis, the type of which causes abnormally large patches on the skin. The 0.1% strength is used to eliminate mild to moderate facial acne. The drug has the same chemical make-up as vitamin A.


BenzaClin® Reviews

How Does BenzaClin® Work?

Does BenzaClin® Really Work?

BenzaClin® Side Effects (User Reviews)

BenzaClin® Topical Gel, distributed by Dermik Laboratories, a business of the Sanofi-Aventis Group, U.S. LLC, is a prescription treatment for acne breakouts, especially in teens. The company website speaks plainly that BenzaClin® was aimed to primarily help teenagers through the challenge that is acne.


Orovo Acne Reviews

Where to Buy Orovo Acne?

How Does Orovo Acne Work?

Does Orovo Acne Really Work?

Orovo Acne User Reviews (Side Effects)

Orovo Acne is a superior acne solution made out of all-natural ingredients. Unlike other treatments that only eradicate the symptoms, Orovo Acne penetrates deep beneath the skin to destroy the bacteria and control chemical imbalances that trigger acne. Orovo Acne provides amazing results after just 7 days of use.


Lipovox Reviews

Where to Buy Lipovox?

How Does Lipovox Work?

Does Lipovox Really Work?

Lipovox User Reviews (Side Effects)

Lipovox, distributed by Lipovox, Co., is a food supplement that aims to dissolve fat as well as acne in less than a month. The premise is simple enough - the food supplement would provide utmost nutrition to the body, giving it the capacity to heal acne, crow’s feet and burn fat like never before.




Zenmed® Reviews

Where to Buy Zenmed®?

How Does Zenmed® Work?

Is Zenmed® Safe for Pregnant Women?     

The Zenmed® is one of the more unique products in the market today that claims to eliminate the source of irritation which is the leading cause of acne today. According to feedback, Zedmed® products work fast. In most cases, the customer can readily get rid of a total acne breakout in just a matter of two or three weeks.  

Zenmed Reviews Acnezine Reviews ClearPores Reviews Proactiv Reviews Vilantae Reviews Acne Free In 3 Days Reviews MetroGel Reviews Acnexus Reviews Clearogen Reviews TriClear Reviews Murad Reviews SkinID Reviews Therapeutix Reviews Zeno Reviews ThermaClear Reviews Accutane Reviews Differin Reviews Acjuva Reviews PanOxyl Reviews AcnEase Reviews OxyCerin Reviews OxyCerin Reviews Acnetix Reviews Retin-A Reviews Eczana Reviews Actimine Reviews NeoStrata Reviews Tazorac Reviews BenzaClin Reviews Orovo Acne Reviews Lipovox Reviews


Dermagist Reviews

How Does Dermagist Acne Treatment Work?

Dermagist Acne Treatment User Reviews

Where to Buy Dermagist Products?

Dermagist Acne Treatment System, marketed by Dermajuv LLC, has been well received by most consumers because it is a high quality treatment. Balanced enough to be used on all ages and all skin types, it delivers rapid results and restorative nutrients that acne prone skin is in desperate need of.

Dermajuv Reviews


Exposed Reviews

Where to Buy Exposed?

How Does Exposed Work?

Does Exposed Really Work?

FDA Pre-Approved Ingredients of Exposed     

Exposed Acne Treatment is a product between the collaboration of experts in dermatology and those in organic chemistry. Exposed can be used to clear existing acne cysts and to maintain disease-free skin. The product is mild enough for extra-sensitive skin, and has been proven to be hypoallergenic.

Exposed Acne Treatment