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Acne is a troubling condition for many individuals with a variety of treatment methods being utilized. Sometimes acne does not respond to traditional methods, and even when it does, treatments may come with unwanted side effects. The use of blue light therapy is an innovative, safe and effective acne treatment approach.

What Is Blue Light Treatment

Blue light acne treatment uses blue light therapy to kill the bacteria that lies on and underneath the skin and contributes to acne breakouts. Blue light can be used as an alternative to topical or oral medications that target acne. The treatment exposes the skin to a specific source of blue light for a limited amount of time. Blue light exposure times for each session may range from a few seconds to 15 minutes depending upon the blue light product used for the treatment.

How Does It Work

Blue light kills the bacteria responsible for causing acne. The troublesome bacteria are eliminated at the source with blue light acne treatment because when the skin is exposed to the blue light, the light causes the bacteria to self-destruct. Using this type of treatment helps to eliminate the very source of the problem. The treatment is particularly favorable because no other cells are harmed with the process of blue light exposure.

The Research

Blue light acne treatment was approved by the FDA in 2002. The American Academy of Dermatology has thoroughly studied the effects of blue light therapy. Researchers found that the blue light is able to reach the source of the acne, which is the P. acnes bacterium. When exposed to the blue light, a chemical reaction takes place to kill the bacteria and prevent inflammation associated with the bacteria. Research has shown a significant reduction in acne for patients treated with blue light therapy.

Treatment Benefits

The use of blue light therapy to treat acne has some significant benefits for patients. Blue light therapy is:

•  Painless and non-invasive

•  Safe for daily use

•  Safe for all ages

•  Completely natural with no adverse side effects

•  Convenient

Patients can use blue light therapy in their own homes, and the treatment is easily self-administered. Most patients use the blue light for about 15 minutes each day until their acne clears or improves, and then only about two to three times per week for maintenance.


Blue light is so effective that it may work to eliminate even antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria that cause acne. Further studies have shown that the combination of blue light and red light therapy is superior to blue light alone and other traditional acne treatments like benzoyl peroxide. All studies confirm that both blue and red light treatments are effective and safe.

Because blue light therapy eliminates the cause of acne, it is effective at both clearing existing acne and preventing future breakouts. As with other treatments, results may vary depending upon the patient’s individual acne condition. Also, it is important to remember that consistent treatments are required to effectively manage acne with blue light therapy.