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Exposed Skin Care is No.1 Acne Treatment on Amazon – a False Claim?

There are thousands of warring skin care treatments on the healthcare shelves for those suffering from acne, acne scarring or similar debilitating skin complications. A popular brand among the many is Exposed Skin Care with its specialist selection of anti-acne solutions and treatment kits.

Unfortunately, for the average customer, the area of skin care products is ambivalent at best; often with differing opinions from both sides of the consumer base either advocating or decrying acne treatments. In order to give a substantial indication of which brands are worth the money, we ask: How effective is Exposed Skin Care when it comes to treating your acne?

Who Is Exposed Skin Care?

Exposed Skin Care was created in 2002, in Seattle, Washington with a business objective of creating scientifically sound, natural skin care treatments ‘guaranteed’ to clear acne within 30 days. The overall regime of their products is listed as four main objectives: to unblock pores, kill acne generating bacteria, regulate natural skin oils and soothe skin redness. (About Us, ExposedSkinCare.com)

Exposed claim to be unique by their very personnel make up, which sees a team of qualified dermatologists, cosmetologists, naturopaths and chemists working together to create a valid, safe and successful line of products. This collaborative team set forth to create the solution that they felt the marketplace was missing: not only a direct combatant of acne, but a worthy long term prevention treatment, too.

This being said, Exposed are set apart from their dermatological counterparts in other businesses and brands by their respect for the customer: no popular, headline grabbing celebrity endorsements, no call centres and computer algorithms in lieu of real humans for their customer service department and little to no TV marketing.

How Does Exposed Skin Care Work?

Exposed market their products as ‘the first full spectrum acne treatment system’, meaning the first skin care solution which actively seeks out the sources and beginnings of acne complications and eradicates them before they take hold. Through the company’s use of advanced acne research and ‘medicine’, as well as creating everything with pure extracts and natural ingredients – the acne solutions are gentler on sensitive skin than some harsher, artificially based treatments found with other brand names.

Jostling for top place as the number one solution to skin irritations, Exposed’s basic acne kit stands alongside Neutrogena Complete and Proactiv 3-Step Kit. However, where the other two titles cherry pick certain aspects of dermatological treatment, Exposed’s acne remedy contains Benzoyl Peroxide (to stamp down acne bacteria), Salicylic Acid (to unclog pores) and Glycolic Acid (to renew and replenish damaged skin). (Exposed Advantage, ExposedSkinCare.com)

Additionally, the company’s product takes use of green tea to aid with the bacteria eradication, passion flower to reduce inflammation and skin irritation, aloe vera to soothe skin and tea tree to improve the healing process of scarred patches – none of which either Neutrogena nor Proactiv possess. (Scientific & Natural Actives, ExposedSkinCare.com)

Rated #1 Acne Treatment and 4.7 Stars Customer Reviews

In comparison with rival brands, Exposed Skin Care appears to stand above the rest due to its involved creative process, scientific basis and compilation of natural, aiding ingredients, where many other treatments are lacking. One of the more longstanding selling points is the extensive focus on prevention methods and overall skin cleansing; something which is rarely found with other products (removing the causes of acne means less repeat business for the company), which displays a certain respect for the potential customer.

Following on from this, the company offers a one year long return policy, providing the consumer uses the whole treatment, and allows a thirty day period to witness the effect, before returning.

Looking at customer reviews found on Amazon (4.7 stars over the past 12 months based on 239 ratings), the overall consensus is positive in nature, with many customers citing the overall health of their skin after following a regular treatment schedule. (Exposed Skin Care, Amazon.com) Indeed, Exposed’s website itself boasts a “96%” success rate among users and claims to be a top rated product on Amazon.  

Similar positive reviews are found on Make Up Alley (average rating: 4.4 and 92% would buy again), where the majority of consumers are enthusiastic about the success rate of the acne regime, often stating an intention to regularly purchase Exposed products. (Exposed Skincare, MakeUpAlley.com) A recurring theme is that of the treatment clearing up the ‘source and cause’ of skin complications, without leaving the area dried, painful or irritated. For all intents and purposes, it seems as though the product is a roaring success.

Some Negative Reviews about Exposed Skin Care

Naturally, owing to the subjective and diverse nature of creating a product to meet multiple needs, there are less positive instances of feedback. One particularly vocal consumer on Amazon gives mention to the treatment exacerbating her symptoms and even creating new cystic pimples in problem areas. Another user cites similar complications, and adds that the solution did dry out skin, mentioning the subsequent moisturiser serum would leave the area sticky and uncomfortable for days at a time.

Among some of the disdainful critiques, customers mention a feeling of distrust around the marketing of Exposed products, whereby such an uncharacteristic number of positive reviews had created an unrealistic ideal of the product itself, heightening their disappointment when it proved to be either ineffective, or more troublesome.

Interestingly, however, very few bad reviews claim Exposed Skin Care to be a scam or an unfaithful treatment (common among skin care and similar healthcare merchandise), merely that this specific regime had not worked for them.  

Despite the complaints, Exposed has an excellent A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and has been accredited by them since 2012. There are only 8 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years and 4 closed in last 12 months. (Exposed Skin Care, BBB.org). As compare to Proactiv, there are over 1000 complaints listed on the BBB since March 10, 2013. (Proactiv Solutions, BBB.org)

Overall Summary

Overall, Exposed Skin Care seems to be the most prominent and well respected name in the skin care industry and marketplace. With a uniquely personal focus on customer service, scientific knowledge and reliance upon natural ingredients – this skin care range stands out from the overbearing environment of acne cures.

Public opinion, where usually dichotomous and inconclusive, stands majorly on the positive side. Most consumers describe an overwhelming success not only in battling prominent and current acne issues, but in preventing future breakouts and further skin problems in the future.  

Although some doubt has been cast over the authenticity of Exposed’s acne cure range, it appears to be insubstantial when compared to the much more prominent support base found across the internet.

Remark: all the information provided above was based on references we accessed on June 24, 2014 when this review was written.

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Exposed Skin Care is No.1 Acne Treatment on Amazon - a False Claim?

Who is Exposed Skin Care?

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Rated #1 Acne Treatment and 4.7 Stars Customer Reviews

Some Negative Reviews about Exposed Skin Care

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